MAPS™ is a powerful set of Solutions which facilitates and manages operations necessary for an Exchange. It has Order Matching and a Clearing and Settlement Solution which is available for the Cash, Futures & Options and commodities segments.

Multiple Solutions for Multiple Environments
MAPS™ is available as an Platform Independent Application. It is Operating System independent and can use Win NT, Win 2000, Win 2003, Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris etc… and it also is Database Independent and supports a wide variety of Databases like MS SQL 2000, Oracle 8i, My SQL, DB2 etc….
It using Java™ technology is optimized for Heavy Trading for use by dealers, day traders, auctioneers, and arbitrageurs and boasts a robust architecture with an enhanced feature list.

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MAPS™ as an Order Matching Engine for Exchanges:
  • Matches incoming orders on a real-time basis
  • Can support both order driven as well as quote driven matching
  • Using a Clustering approach, multiple instances of the matching engine component can be distributed across machines to provide for optimum load scenarios, with a main matching engine controlling other client matching engine components

MAPS™ as a Clearing and Settlement System for Exchanges
  • Web based Clearing and settlement system
  • Internet enabled
  • Multi-tier membership (Clearing Member, Trading Member) management
  • Position Netting at different membership class and client level
  • On-line alerts when member's exposures / positions approach the full limit
  • Exposure limits of members are automatically set, based on financial information
  • Real-time interfaces to Depository and Clearing Bank
  • Can handle T+5, T+3, T+n settlement cycles integration with Clearing and settlement system
  • Online position monitoring system
  • Comprehensive Risk Management
  • Thin client technology
  • Maximized performance
  • Minimum client overhead

Matching & Processing System
MAPS™ has a flexible and configurable risk management system comprising of
  • Risk Management at Member Level
  • Price Movement Monitoring
  • Circular Trading
  • Top Commodities (Underlying) in terms of turnover (value / quantity)
  • Marketwise position limits for Contracts
  • Exposure Limits
  • Member wise
  • Contract wise
  • Underlying wise
  • Marketwise position limits
  • Daily Volatility
  • Var / SPAN Margin
  • Special Margins based on Exposures of Members
  • Monitoring of Members by turnover top 'N'
  • IP Address based restrictions.
  • User Rights

RMS and Exchange Level
  • Trading Turnover vs Margin Collected
  • Delivery Turnover vs Margin Collected
  • Violations in Margins
  • Imposition of Special Margins
  • Consolidation of Underlying wise exposure in individual exchanges

All these can be further configured to the following levels
  • User
  • Exchange
  • Market
  • Segments
  • Security / Instrument

Report Management
System wide, fully customizable reports are available to the administrators for viewing positions and details of Members. The admin can cancel/square off orders as and when required from within the admin reports. Chat and instant messaging tools are built-in as part of MAPS™ to enable the Exchange to communicate with dealers/Members

The Member can view
  • Outstanding orders
  • Orders and trade Messages
  • Market by price
  • Trade details
  • Market Watch Formulae Fields
  • Net Position (Member /Script /Detailed)
  • Market Movement
  • Activity Log
  • Script /Contract Information
  • RMS Details
  • Others

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Exchange Process Flow

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Architecture & Information

Architecture and Information

Exchange Server Uses Microsoft ™ Visual C, Sun Java™ and Borland ™ C++ .

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